Aalmir Plastic Industries (API) has over 20 years experience in actively catering to plastic needs of oil & gas industries in the supply, sourcing and manufacturing to a wide variety of requirements.  Our experience with the different industry facets ranging from onshore/offshore drilling, pipes, process plant equipment/control, gas generation, gas compression, and refining techniques provides us with the ability to design and manufacture products in a well engineered and tested manner.tries (API) has been working 

Based in the U.A.E., our close proximity to regional sites provides our engineers with a hands-on approach in tackling obstacles and creating value driven solutions. 

Our areas of expertise lie in; 
  • End cap pipe design and manufacturing 
  • Flange protection design and manufacturing
  • Thread protector design and manufacturing
  • Seals and gaskets design and manufacturing
  • Grommet design and manufacturing
  • Valve protection design and manufacturing
  • Heat resistant enclosure and part manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of in well parts requiring resistance to chemicals and 
    gases and heat.
  • Supply of various engineering sheets with different chemical
    mechanical and heat resistant properties.
  • Internal column packing structures and filtration media (chemical
    resistant, heat resistant, tribologicaly specific)

We are always interested in working with new partners in developing soloutions in the Oil & Gas industry